1d4 Reasons to Run from the Goblins: 1-They smell like Kelvis' Father's Meatloaf 2-Their loincloths are made of human faces 3-They want to play Magic: The Gathering 4-There's 100 of them
A quick look at some cool new stuff.
[1d4] Reasons to join an adventuring party: 1. Loneliness 2. Mimicry 3. Hide your lust for blood 4. You don't want to, but don't get a say
A recap of 2022, a peek behind the 2023 curtain, GUILD updates, and more!
Short Newsletter update today. I got to play GUILD on The Weekly Scroll the other night, and it was so fun! I had the opportunity to run the adventure…
Plus details about PAXU, and upcoming projects!
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The Dead Horse